Keith Callenberg, Ph.D.


Machine Learning Consultant, Calgorithms LLC, 2021-Present

Associate Director, Machine Learning, Thrive Earlier Detection, 2020-2021

Director, Machine Learning, UPMC Enterprises, 2017-2020

Lead Bioinformatics Scientist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 2015-2017

Sr. Clinical Research Scientist, Interpace Diagnostics, 2013-2015

Graduate Student Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University-University of Pittsburgh, 2008-2013

Research Assistant, Iowa State University, 2007-2008

Software Engineer, Evocative, Inc., 2005-2007


Ph.D. Computational Biology, 2013, Carnegie Mellon University-University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

B.S. Computer Science, 2008, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA


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